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Protect and secure your company from risk and loss by monitoring all computer activities.  Perform user activity audits, generate comprehensive reports, perform investigations, and increase overall employee productivity within your corporation.

Monitor network and remote PC's

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for Network PCs

Monitor, control, and supervise every action of every employee on your network from one central location.  Perform remote administration tasks, setup content filtering rules with alerts, generate network-wide activity reports, view and control any desktop in real-time, and much more. 

No server is required and data is stored locally within your company.

When to use this software :
  • All PCs are in the same network / LAN
  • Tracking users who access multiple PCs
  • You want centralized access within the network

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Realtime Spy

for Remote PCs

Remotely monitor the computer and Internet activity of your employees from anywhere in the world.  Analyze individual user or PC actions, download logs, and view activities in real-time as they happen.

Access your online account from any device with an internet connection and web-browser.  No additional software or direct connection to the PC is needed to view logs.

When to use this software :
  • PCs are off-network or used off-network
  • Monitor laptops and 'work at home' employees
  • You want to view logs anywhere / anytime

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